Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Mall Rant

Last year or was it the year before, I told myself that I would never shop at Hecht's again. I broke my promise to myself and went in this past Sunday. It was a HUGE mistake. I do like the "house brand" turtleneck shirts (cotton with spandex in the cuffs and neck) and I needed a few new ones for this winter. Plus there was a 15% coupon in the paper. So I chose my shirts (red, black, blue, pink) and hunted for a dressing room or a salesperson to point me to a dressing room. Finally after wandering into the mens' department I saw one across the store. So I waited for one to become free, tried on my shirts (all fit) and went to the check out line. 8 customers in front of me. I really wasn't paying much attention to the conversation between the cashier and the customers but when it came to the woman in front of me my ears perked up at her "I hate this store and will never come back" remark right before she threw little pieces of paper on the floor. So it was my turn and after saying twice that I was paying with my Visa and not their credit card, asking the salesperson to please FOLD the shirts and not wad them up I was told that the coupon could not be honored. WHAT! It says on ALL WOMENS CLOTHING EVEN THOSE ALREADY MARKED DOWN in really big print... but when you get to the store the yellow signs that had blocked my sighting of a dressing room said in little tiny print that items on this rack were excluded from the sale. I asked the salesperson what I could purchase and use the coupon and she pointed to the women's suits that started at $300 and gave me a sheepish smile. Now I know it's not her fault...I purchased my shirts and left...but last year or was it the year before I wanted to pay CASH and the sales person REFUSED. There are or were only certain registers you could use a credit card. WHERE IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE????? No one on the floor to help you find items, check outs few and far between, clothes piled up on the floors, boxes stacked in aisles....so I'm writing this to remind myself that I WILL NEVER SHOP AT HECHTS AGAIN AND IF I HAVE TO FOR SOME REASON THAN I WILL EXPECT TO BE TREATED BADLY.

Now on to Hallmark ...which isn't as bad but does concern customer service. The 2 saleswomen were chatting and ignoring me (I won't speak for other customers in the store) so I walked over (3 steps) to ask if one of them could help me locate an ornament on display...they continued to chat ignoring me...so I said either one of them could help me or I was going to pull all of the ornament boxes on the floor until I found the one that I wanted...that got their attention. One of the gals went to the back for about 15 seconds, came back and said they were out of stock and went back to chatting. I know the owner of the store. I called her this morning.

My next attempted purchase was at a "record store", Frye's I think it's called. Well since I had a package I couldn't go in! Couldn't even check the package. No Chrismas cd sales from me.

I made a run through WaldenBooks but the static from the piped in music combined with the cashier's cell phone chatter was to much. I went in one door and out the other.

The cashier at the last store I stopped in (can't remember the name but it's one of those fake Pier 1 stores) was at least $1 short when he counted his drawer last night. I purchased a yellow ribbon magnet, it was $2.80something. He gave me change and 3 $1 bills. I tried to give him one of the bills back but he said it was the right change. I did explain that my change should only be $2+change but he said the register told him $3. Who am I to argue with a machine?

At that point I'd had enough of the Mall...I headed to my favorite strip mall...I just wish I knew the name...

A stop at the "stand alone owned by Hallmark"
store found sales people handing me a basket as I walked in the door, pointing out the "new this week" items and a sample of coffee. I found the ornament, a few cards, a candle and a treat for a friend.

Next stop at my favorite strip mall was Target, where I picked up a treat for Bailey, checked out the Christmas cd's, and contemplated a Halloween decoration for the yard.

Just down the way I found the perfect pillow for my knitting chair at Pier 1, new panties at SteinMart
at a good price, and priced dog bed/pillows at PetSmart.

I was then in the mood for chicken and broccoli so off to China Chef my favorite Chinese takeout that changes hands every few months but the food is always the same, and a quick run into Spooling Around which is coincidentally 2 doors down, while my food was cooked...but didn't buy anything.

So this post is to remind myself to stop wasting time at Greenbrier Mall!

Oh, knitting content: still working on the shrug, should be about 1/2 completed.


Erica said...

Hechts at Greenbriar is the worst ever! Unfortanely my SIL works at the mall, and I always end up there when I visit. What a waste.

Kimberly said...

Hecht's is usually a nightmare for me too. I try to go on a lunchbreak, if possible, so there are less chances of long lines. Customer service, however, is usually horrible, no matter what.

I was much happier when Thalheimer's was here.