Thursday, August 19, 2004

KnittaPalooza II...more info

Bobbie writes:

KnittaPalooza II will be held March 10-13, 2005 at the Garden Hilton hotel in Virginia Beach, Va.

Lily Chin will be here, with many other great teachers.. Names of others will be announced shortly..Cost for the full weekend package will be $395.00...

Early registations (prior to September 1, 2004) will receive $50.00 off and get first choice on ALL classes offered. You can pay on a monthly plan if you desire.... $57.50 per month with the final payment on or before Jan. 10, 2005.

Full day packages are available also (Friday or Saturday) for $195.00. Sunday (one class only) will be offered at $85.00. More information will be available shortly..

There will be be a Fashion Show, contests and much, much more knitting fun for all!We have many who have signed up already and are looking forward to hearing from YOU! Please call or email, as the online service is not accepting applications at this time.

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