Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My plan

Woke up this morning to 2WD's 6am news. They said that no one has won the "big" lottery. The thought that I could win has actually been in my head all morning. I fixed lunch, walked B, showered, dressed, ate, drove to work while formulating my plan. Here it is:

1. get to a lawyer
2a. order a navy blue, convertible, automatic with tan leather seats VW Beetle
2b. turn in retirement papers
3. setup trust accounts for my family and friends and charity
4. buy a house on a beach somewhere
5. go through my house and decide what I wanted to keep (not much!) and then have an estate sales person sell the rest

I get into the office, open a local business periodical and found a picture of the house I want to build (see step 4). Then I get an email from Coco asking if I wanted to join the pool they're getting together to play this gigantic lottery. Is this a sign?

The "not wanting much from my house" is an interesting concept. I actually looked around and thought...the bedroom and dining room furniture (1920 oak), my books, my yarns, the quilts, a few of my Santa Bears, knic-nacks that my grandmother left, a few pieces of jewlrey and some clothes.

So does this mean that "stuff" is no longer necessary for me? Since I turned 50 I've begun thinking in terms of what will last? When I buy I long will I be able to use this? Is it a throw away in a year or so? When will I tire of it? What purpose does it serve? Sheesch!

This is an interesting article I found over here. I'm an introvert. I don't mind public speaking, like Sunday afternoons alone and I dislike big parties. Give me 5 or 6 people at a time that I know or have something in common with and I can handle it. That's why I tend to be on the outside of large groups. Hang out at the wall and observe.

My nieces shawl is coming along nicely. On the last 20 or so rows. Should be finished tonight. Must decide if I want to add fringe.

My first design for KnittaPalooza Felted class is done and felted. Turned out a bit larger than I wanted. So I'm on to try #2.

And how was last Saturday at Ewe Knit Kits? BUSY! Lots of husbands, SO's and boyfriends in with their ladies. We sold a ton of yarn.

Off to buy a lottery ticket........

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